Lao Tzu:
“A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step”
Calligraphy artwork by Heather Courtis
21 x 30cm stretched canvas, ink and gold foil, steel nibs and chinese brush.

Getting Started

We often receive many enquiries regarding how one can get started in calligraphy. It may be that you’ve been inspired at a calligraphy exhibition, or have admired a beautifully calligraphed invitation or envelope. Perhaps you’ve encountered a dramatic piece of gothic script or have been drawn to the loose textured letters and phrases that calligraphers create when working in a more gestural style.

The word Calligraphy translates as “Beautiful Handwriting” – the art form is much more than just fine writing. How much you study is entirely up to you, suffice to say, practise does make perfect and gets you on the way to achieving your personal goals.

Your goals maybe simple ones – improving your letterforms and handwriting. Maybe you’re dusting off the nibs to return to a much loved hobby, or from a technical point of view, a designer wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the western alphabet letter forms and associated history.

One thing is for certain, once you begin calligraphy, you will be hooked. The diversity and beauty that you will encounter on your journey is guaranteed to continually inspire you. Masters of this art form never cease to amaze.

What is important is that you simple start. A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.

Our Library

Over the years the society has built up a collection of books, magazines and journals. These are available for members to borrow by contacting the Librarian.

All books and periodicals are available on loan for one month. Borrowers are responsible for the cost of postage to and from the ASC’s location at Primrose Park.

A good faith deposit of $30 is required prior to borrowing and refunded on return of borrowed books.

The society also has a number of frames for loan in black and woodgrain finish for mounting A3 landscape or portrait artwork (mount are not included).

As above, a good faith deposit of $30 AUD is required for a 6 week loan period.

Contact our Librarian for details.

Need further information?

If you would like further information about how to get started, please contact: