Mini Workshops

2019 - Mini Workshops to conclude each committee meeting

This year from May onwards, we will be trialing a series of mini-workshops, which will be held at Primrose Park after each
committee meeting. They will start at 1pm lasting for 2-3 hours and the cost will be $10 per person.
There will be no need to book.

Materials and equipment requirements will be listed in the Colophon and
on the website.

If these events are well attended then we hope to continue them into 2020 and beyond.
The first one will be making a concertina book with Penny Laver.

We had hoped to hold the first session in February, but have decided to wait until the refurbishment at our home at primrose Park has been completed which fingers crossed should be in May.

A Concertina Book

In this mini-workshop we will be covering some basic book crafts – cutting, joining, folding as well as completing the concertina book
Concertina books lend themselves to any number of variations limited only by your imagination.
I have chosen a concertina as it is probably the one of the artists’ which most lends itself to calligraphy, as an off the wall piece or just as a gift.
If there is time we will make a mock-up of two variations so that you can see the possibilities using this basic form.

Update 15/1/19 – The Concertina Book workshop will be postponed until Primrose Park is available to use in May.

Other topics later in the year will include making and covering a slipcase for a small book, embossing,
runic letters, a light gothic script. These will be advertised when dates are confirmed. Please check the
website for updates on Primrose Park or call Jackie on 0417 692908.