Mini Workshops

Mini Workshops to conclude each committee meeting

The ASC will be trialling a series of mini-workshops hosted by a range of experienced calligrapher’s and held at Primrose Park after each committee meeting since we now have the final completion date for its refurbishment.

They will start approx 1.00 pm lasting for 2-3 hours post each Sat committee meeting this year.
Any level of calligraphy experience is most welcome and there is no need to book for the session.
The cost for each session will be limited to $10

Materials and equipment requirements will be listed below and within the Colophon magazine.

For any enquiries please call Jackie on 0417 692 908

If the events attract a good level of attendance, we hope to continue them into 2020 and beyond so please try and make at least one through the year!

A Concertina Book with Penny Laver

Sat 4th May, 2019

In this mini-workshop we will be covering some basic book crafts – cutting, joining, folding as well as completing the concertina book
Concertina books lend themselves to any number of variations limited only by your imagination.
The concertina book was chosen as it is probably the one of the artists’ which most lends itself to calligraphy, as an off the wall piece or just as a gift.
If there is time we will make a mock-up of two variations so that you can see the possibilities using this basic form.

Any queries please feel free to email Penny at

Equipment list:

– One/two sheet(s) of paper, about 180gsm (Mei-teintes or similar is ideal) measuring 12.5cm x 68 cm.
Make sure the grain is parallel to the short side. This may mean you will have to join two pieces. If you are not confident doing this just bring the two sheets and we will join them on the day.
– Two/four sheets 8.5cm x 68cm, but can be cartridge or similar as these will be used for your mock-ups.
– Two pieces of decorative paper 17.5 cm x 13.5cm. These will be for your covers. If you are using handmade or Japanese paper there is no grain. If the paper has a grain make sure it runs parallel to the 17.5 measurement
– Two pieces of board about 2mm thick 13.5 x 9.5 – these are your covers. Those of you who are bookbinders – 1.8mm board is perfect. Again make sure the grain is parallel with the 13.5 measurement.

– Steel ruler – 30cm (plastic is ok if you aren’t a steel rule person)
– Pencil
– Eraser.
– Bone folder
– Craft knife – with a sharp blade.

– Cutting mat
– Glue stick
– Small scissors
– If you are going to join your strip of paper on the day please bring some 12mm double-sided tape.

The Sanscript Alphabet with Valerie Keevers

Sat 6th July, 2019

This mini- workshop will be based on Sanskrit writing.

Valerie will teach a complete alphabet on the day.

Just bring your usual kit including broad nibs of various sizes and flat brushes, ink and gouache and
whatever paper you like to use and have fun!

Making and Covering a Book Slipcase with Jane Kent

Sat 2nd Nov, 2019

Jane will be passing on her skillful knowledge of book slipcasing!

Details to come…